Club foot is the most common congenital anomalies seen at birth. It has multifactorial causes and most of the time no cause can be found (idiopathic in nature). It is very important to differentiate idiopathic clubfoot from other variety. Treatment if started at early age is simple and effective. We can start with serial weekly ponseti cast correction and tendoachilles (TA) tenotomy which is followed by ABDUCTION BRACE till 3 to 4 years of age and regular follow up. If the child presents at a later age still we can apply serial ponseti cast correction followed by minimal amount of soft tissue surgery and casting. The result are very effective and reproducible as shown by Dr ponseti himself world wide. Syndromic and Neurogenic Clubfoot requires different approach and most of the time requires surgical correction and casting with brace. High chance of recurrence if not treated appropriately and poor compliance with the Bracing protocol.